With Smart Hamster, you get a clear and better leadership that cuts staff turnover in half.

Why keep track?

Because time is money. And there's nothing that takes up as much time as unclear and unclear conditions. In ambiguity comes dissatisfaction and in dissatisfaction comes conflict. Accessible, clear and detailed communication creates a common body of information for everyone to lean on - and frees up time. 

Key information

Companies are obliged to inform their employees about all aspects of employment, safety and collective agreements. Employees are obliged to take note of them. With SmartHamster, you solve both of these challenges. Simple, easy and accessible - just one login away. Regardless of industry or company.

Practical helper  

It is a guide that contains both important strategic issues such as policies and visions, but also practical things such as leave conditions, working environment, company procedures, etc. It contains smart forms for, for example, leave requests and sick leave notifications. A practical tool that saves time!

Halving personnel costs

An employee who stays another year provides a clear benefit and cost savings and onboarding. And happy employees who are informed and involved will rub off on others.