Gather all relevant information for your employees in one place

What is SmartHamster?


It is a guide and help tool for your staff, containing both important strategic issues such as policies and visions, but also practical things such as leave conditions, working environment, company procedures, etc. A practical employee portal that facilitates all internal communication.

Smart Forms

We create smart forms according to your wishes for e.g. leave application, sick leave notification, risk analysis or offer report, etc. Also phone, SMS and email lists for all staff are included. Ideal for document management. Also contains your staff handbook.

My Pages

Personal pages where you can enter pay slips, employment contracts, etc. Log in with Mobile BankID for high security.

Accessible, clear and detailed communication saves time.

Giving everyone in the organisation access to all the rules, guidelines, documents and agreements in force creates security, reliability and transparency.

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You're probably already busy with your work, but have realised all the benefits of an efficient and well-functioning digital employee portal. You want to take advantage of having your communication, procedures and policies in order for your company and your employees, but it has to be seamless.

Not only is all the content for your company and your employees now already in place in your new digital employee portal, we'll help you 100% to make it work exactly the way you want it to.

We do all the work!

We'll help you now with start-up/training and all other possible support to get you and your employees up and running as quickly as possible with your new "customised" employee portal.

Getting started

We check that all the content of the portal is designed according to your wishes, that the procedures, forms and policies are in place for information and training to your employees.

Launch and training

We now look to launch your new portal for your employees. We will conduct an effective and visual training through webinars involving all employees - simple, safe and effective!

Congratulations! You are up and running!

Lifetime support - You grow with us!

We know that your time and yours is precious!

Nothing is more frustrating than when features and management don't work as you want, or when you realize that " We " need to update or implement a new routine or policies but are short on time right now.

We do the job - your extra employee.

Simply call us with whatever it may be and we'll help you with anything related to Your Employee Portal. Do you have new procedures you want in place, or a new form to include in your operation? We'll fix it!

You are growing and new employees are coming on board?

We'll help you with all the support and continuously update your employee portal so it's always up to date, every day of the year.

We support and help you at no cost! Everything is included in your subscription.